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Rethink Recycling Appeal collects old mobile phones, surplus or unopened printer cartridges, ipods, Laptops and other electronic devices for reuse and recycling. We can help you raise money for your own charity or you can donate your old mobile phones or printer cartridges to your favourite good cause.

Recycling is easy and we have already generated an amazing 7 million for charity and saved over 3 million used mobile phones, and over 35 million printer cartridges from ending up in landfill.

The Recycling Appeal is one of the UKs most innovative and environmentally friendly fundraising initiatives run by recycling experts Rethink.

Rethink Europe is one of Europe’s largest dedicated Ink Cartridge, mobile phone and technology recycling company. With over 16 year's experience of charity based recycling, we work hand in hand with our charity partners to raise valuable funds, and help prevent unused printer cartridges and surplus mobile phones from ending up in landfill.


Corporate Solutions

  • Environmental Recycling
  • WEEE Mobile Phones | Computers | laptops | Systems
  • Take back  & recovery WEEE Products
  • Take back & recovery surplus unused printer cartridges
  • Collection & Product Sorting WEEE Products
  • Collection & Product Sorting printer Cartridge
  • Reverse logistics
  • Zero Landfill Recycling & Refining
  • Global Footprint Reduction
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility

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Coroprate Recycling




Environmental Solutions

Rethink Think Differently

The technological advances in the past few years have been fast, exciting, and groundbreaking. Environmental awareness has grown, and it is now a globally accepted that industry must operate in such a way that protects our world’s natural resources, and introduce sustainable recycling processes with regard to disposing of any waste. 

Rethink can help support those challenges with dedicated recovery programs, which underpin your businesses environmental obligations. Working together, recycling and recovery can provide the greatest global platform for sustainable growth, recovery and environmental protection.  

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