Giving new life to an old product

It is important for us to know our process works from end to end.

Rethink recognise the value of Life-Cycle-Thinking, and as part of our deep-routed commitment to ensuring a sustainable environmental recycling strategy, we considered it to be fundamental that we map the journey of the products we recycle and actually see how the regeneration of used mobile phones, printer cartridges and computers are helping emerging markets, and the changes that are being made.

We have witnessed first-hand how the reuse of phones which would otherwise be classed as outdated technology in Britain, become useful and valued equipment in these developing markets. Used technology now form part of a rapidly growing market which provides access to vital communication systems that in the past has been too costly to access, but are now really changing lives.

Why technology recycling works

Established in 1994, our mobile phone reuse and recycling service has processed millions of handsets, generating considerable revenues for our customers. With decades of experience in recovering, repairing and refurbishing handsets, we recognise that it makes sense to protect resources, safeguard the environment and provide an affordable gateway to global communications.

“Quality of recovery and regeneration is a really important part of our business, and the building blocks on how we have built our company. We constantly look to improve and develop the way we deliver our services to ensure that our commitment to quality is sustainable and provides confidence and value to all our customers.” Rethink

Rethink Recycling appeal provide complete lifecycle solutions for mobile phones, WEEE printer cartridges. When you are ready to change or upgrade, we will take it back, clear any data, refurbish it refill it and re-market the for re-use in developing countries.

All items which cannot be re-used, are separated and recycled in accordance with the European WEEE directive.


If everyone in the world lived like we do in the UK, we would need 8 earths to satisfy our resource needs.

Recycling helps minimise our impact on the earths resources.

Reuse | Reduce |Recycle

Computers and tablet blue screen



The point at which it's better for the environment to buy a new product rather than keep the old one, is known as the break even point.


Break-even point = 7 Years

Average upgrade = 18 months

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