Are you planning to live in gated residential communities

Gated communities are starting to become more and more popular these times, especially in countries or areas where safety is a main concern. They are also widely popular in the areas such as Dubai, where Westerners have their own living areas and other places, generally those with a nice climate and those where security is a general concern as in the United States. Let’s get to see that despite all the advantages they have, what are the cons of living in a gated community.

These are tons of different sorts of gated residential communities all around the world. From the large communities which comprise of alone-standing houses to the apartment complexes which have joint buildings for all sorts of activities.

So, let’s see all the disadvantages of living in a community of this sort, despite all their attractiveness. The disadvantages of living in a gated community:

It’s like living in a hotel: if you are one of the persons who is longing for all the joint services of a community, which comprise of lots of joint places, such as a gym, even restaurant at times, shared swimming pool and a daily cleaning service (on request) you may find a community of this sort giving you a little bit less of a liberty. There are tons of great places within but those are all shared with the neighbors. So, if you are not the socializing type then living in a community of this sort might not be your type of lifestyle.

Less privacy: this is called a community for a reason. This also means you will not have tons of privacy.

There are lots of activities which you might be asked to take part in as well, because that’s what this lifestyle is also all about. Also some communities have cameras all over the place too, which one might feel a little bit all too intrusive in their daily lives. Also, living in a community is a bit like living in a village. People will talk about you and will be wondering what you do, who you invite and how you live. There are no gates within the community so you may expect visitors from within the community at a higher frequency.

Expensive: communities have tons of shared services and areas which are tended to, in order for them to be kept nice and clean. But all this, including the porter, the security, the cleaning, the porter service needs to be paid for. This is why the common or communal costs of a gated residential community can go up to becoming downright sky-high. This is definitely not something everyone can cover and although there are smaller and larger communities and the number of services may also vary, you may count on having to pay for the use of everything shared.

As you can see living in a gated residential community also have plenty of downsides to it. However if you feel this way of life suits your lifestyle, then definitely give it a go.