Top things to consider when you look for your dream home

When it comes to buying a home and to buying your dream home, there are tons of differences between the two transactions which I feel the need to elaborate on. Buying a home means tons of compromises while buying your dream home exactly means, that you feel that you are ready to buy the home you have always wanted to with as less compromise as it is possible. Buying the dream home is often meant as a whole accomplishment as a crown on someone’s efforts and hard work for decades. Almost everyone has a dream home in their mind: the ultimate place they want to live in, what they are longing for. So let’s see this time around how best to go for it and get the home which will become your dream home:

1.) Write a list

Having a dream home is all about fulfillment and not as much about necessities. But, regardless, you will need to see your dream home up from close and think about all the features you would want it to have. Have a list of priorities written down and if you have a partner or a whole family, ask them to do the same: this way you get to learn about everyone’s priorities and get closer to establishing the ultimate dream home for the whole family.

2.) The area

It’s great if you would like to have a house by the sea. But this is not enough for living somewhere. You will need to see what’s close, what’s far from a house, how close it is to the sea, what neighborhood is it situated in, how is the safety and the overall quality of life in that area? What are the amenities and how close are they to you? Will you have a busy beach nearby or is this just a nice shoreline? What are the chances of any possible floor or harsh wind making the dangers of corrosion a reality for you? You need to have an exact area in mind when it comes to finding the house you are looking for.

3.) How is the lot?

The lot means the area on which the house is located. The size of the lot is a very important, yet an often overlooked factor: the size of the lot means how much of an area do you have, how close or far are you from your neighbors, if you have the space to create a lush garden or a pool area. There are tons of factors to take in consideration when it comes to the lot itself.

4.) Old or new?

Both old and new homes have their own pros and cons. However buying an old home is way riskier than buying a new one for many reasons: one of which is the compliance of plumbing, electricity, water with today’s standards. Old buildings often have many secrets which may eventually result in you having to pay way more to make it great. Also take in consideration how much time do you have for renovations or reconstructions as you dont want to get into debt or fall into the trap of home repossession. Eventually when it comes to a dream home, do your best not having to compromise on so many things as you generally would need to and get the home you really feel you want.